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Thread: $99 In September?

  1. Hey Lucas, what's the percent of owners who have 10 systems?
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  2. Nintendo needs to concentrate on getting 3rd party support up. So far they have done a pretty good job recovering from the 3rd party losses from the n64 days. Konami, Capcom, and Square-Enix have some solid support for the gamecube, but I think some of the biggest franchises are still on ps2. GC is getting metal gear solid remake, tales, and ff crystal chronicles, but it's still not like getting Metal Gear Solid 3, Dragon Warrior VIII, or Final Fantasy XII.

    It just seems stupid to have the gamecube at the same price as the gba sp.

  3. although it won't really matter when it or if it finally happens, but im pretty sure we can expect another Substance style game for MGS3 to hit all 3 platforms eventually. as of now, it's not like Konami has any problems with having the series on any of the platforms.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by GohanX
    At a retail level, I think that Nintendo would sell more units by just dropping the price to 99, instead of giving away $50 games. Of course, the consumer still has to buy the game to play the cube so it comes out the same either way, but the percieved value to the consumer is higher.

    My thoughts too. They really are selling the console for $99 right now, your just getting a game with it at $149.

  5. I'm not doubting MSG3 to be released on all platforms, but that fact it comes out on ps2 first is huge.

    Splinter Cell was really big for the xbox, and when it came out on GC later it obviously didn't have the same impact it did on the xbox. The new Splinter Cell is coming out on all 3 systems, but if it comes out on xbox first that will be big for them.

    I think $125 should be the lowest they should drop it, because 100 bucks seems too budget.

    Bottom line is if you have the goods the consumer will be willing to spend.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Tonic the Drunkhog

    Bottom line is if you have the goods the consumer will be willing to spend.

    The system has the goods, it's just aimed at the wrong audience to reach mass appeal. Sports games are huge in the US, PS2 and Xbox pushed sports titles, while GC relied more on Nintendo first party titles. Add to that, the fact that Nintendo totally neglected to design a gamepad with fighters in mind. The Gamecube is a Nintendo fans console and if Nintendo fails to realise what the average gamer wants, they shall repeat what has happened with GC, when they launch their next console.

  7. Sold! When it hits $99 canadian. Which is probably near the end of the systems life.

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    Does it really change anything when people still think that the Gamecube is "gay" if it's $50 cheaper? They'll just think it's cheap and gay. Maybe the current consoles are just starting to reach the maximum market penetration possible earlier than usual, due to the quicker drops in pricing.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet
    Add to that, the fact that Nintendo totally neglected to design a gamepad with fighters in mind.
    yeah um...i reeeeeeally doubt that has anything to do with it. the xbox's controller is better for fighting games, and just look at how shitty its fighting game line up is.

  10. See, my problem is, in considering a GameCube, I want one for pretty much one game - Metroid Prime. So, under the current deal, the system already might as well be $99.

    If they drop it to $99, AND keep Prime bundled in, then they've got one more unit sold baby! *heh*
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