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Thread: $99 In September?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by MVS
    I'll give you 3 dollars for that GC.

  2. I didn't read this thread...

    But I play my GC a lot, more than any of my other systems lately. uhm, hmm...yea.

  3. Sadly, I played my Gamecube five times.

    Once to make sure it worked.
    Second time to play Ikaruga.
    Thrid time to make sure it still worked.
    Fourth time to play Virtual Joe demo.
    Fifth time cuz I tripped over some cords and accidentally smacked the power button.

    It was promptly turned off.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by StriderKyo
    I'm considering it, just to spite the thing.
    I'll send you 10 dollars if you light it on fire and then bury it in your yard.

  5. IGN says it'll drop at the end of Sept in their N-Query section.
    pwned by Ivan

  6. Thanks for that new tidbit.
    matthewgood fan
    lupin III fan


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