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    It might be a little early to be starting The Last Samurai thread but I'm too excited. It's starring Tom Cruise, which is a huge surprise...I never thought he'd do a movie like this.
    Set in Japan during the 1870s, The Last Samurai tells the story of Capt. Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise), an American military officer hired by the Emperor of Japan to train the country's first army in the art of modern warfare. As the government attempts to eradicate the ancient Samurai warrior class in preparation for more Westernized and trade-friendly policies, Algren finds himself unexpectedly affected by his encounters with the Samurai, which places him at the center of a struggle between two eras and two worlds, with only his own sense of honor to guide him.
    I think this is the only movie I'll enjoy this year besides whenever the next Lord of the Rings movie comes out. I saw Bad Boys 2, and all the action scenes were great, but that porno scene in there was overdone. Most of the movies that came out this summer either sucked royally, people told me they sucked, or I figured weren't worth the $8.50-$10 I'd have to shell out. Heh heh, or have Calliander shell out. The Last Samurai comes out December 2003 folks.

    This is the Official Last Samurai site:
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    Hooooot! Fuck you. Hooooot!
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    Pulp or die, motherfuckers. Fresh squeezed or bust.

  2. Well, I posted about Last Samurai few times before, here, and liked trailes for people to see.

    I am interested in this movie quite a bit and I hope it ends up being good. Its not an action movie, but more of a historical epic, but with some battle scenes, and I want to see how Cruise performes in those.

    Well, I thought this Summer was decent enough, and I had 2 surprises (Pirates and LXG), and other than MR and Hulk, rest of the films I saw were entertaining.

  3. Looks interesting. I'm really into samurai(Samurai X, etc) so this should be interesting. Not a fan of Cruise though. I'm interested to find out more about this.


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