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Thread: ssb's summer sale, now with PayPal!!!

  1. ssb's summer sale, now with PayPal!!!

    All my stuff that needs to go...PayPal up and running. Fire away!!!



    •Space Channel 5 -- sealed

    •Bleemcast/Tekken 3 (sealed) combo -- looks amazing through this

    •Kiss: Psycho Circus -- sealed

    •Rainbow Cotton (Import) -- complete, spine has some tearage because it was taped to casing for rental purposes when I bought it. Case has some minor scuffs. Disk is great shape as is booklet (I don't think it was rented much!). In original casing. Pic available, just ask!


    •Hunter: The Reckoning


    •NFL 2K3 -- mint complete

    •Zelda Ocarina of Time Bonus game -- mint and complete


    •Guilty Gear Advance for GBA/GBA SP -- mint complete


    •Bloody Roar 3 -- complete

    •Silent Hill 2 -- original, non-greatest hits w/ official strategy guide (items can be sold separately)

    •Virtua Fighter 4 -- non-greatest hits version, excellent condition and complete


    •Castlevania Chronicles -- minty mint and complete

    •Cleopatra's Fortune (awesome Taito puzzler) -- mint, complete

    •NHL Rock the Rink -- sealed

    •Saga Frontier 2 -- sealed -- some of the seal is ripped, there's an area near the spine that has a tear, but it's there, just a loose flap

    •Spyro: Year of the Dragon -- sealed

    •Tekken 3 -- check DC section for combo deal or can sell separately

    •Twisted Metal 4 -- sealed

    •Unjammer Lammy -- complete, minor stickyness on back bottom corner where some EB sticker must have been

    Import Saturn

    •Shining Force 3 part 1 -- mint and complete w/spine

    •Street Fighter Zero 2 (Alpha 2) -- excellent condition, complete w/spine

    Sega CD

    •Advanced Dungeons and Dragons -- complete

    •Third World War -- complete, manual has some tearage near bottom right corner.


    •Gradius -- cart only

    Atari 2600

    •Extra games -- Pacman, Tank battle, and a few others, any in particular? LMK and I will check


    •Extra Atari 2600 deck (all black version) with RF, just no AC adaptor -- I think it's at my parents house, if interested, I will find and let you know (I'm going home at the end of the month).

    •Genesis system model 1 -- Deck with mono A/V cord (not RF), no AC adaptor, no controller -- will sell mono video cable separately!

    •32X system, missing one cable, so deck and AC adaptor only


    •tons of extra sticks and ball paddles for Atari 2600

    •Extra RF adaptor for Atari 2600

    •Capcom official 4 meg cart for Saturn Capcom fighters -- it does indeed work fine, I tested it tonight!

    •Sega Saturn 3-D controller

    •Dreamcast s-video cable

    •DC extension cable -- official brand

    •1st party Dreamcast controller in box

    •DC VMU in box, blue one (has some save data too, I can load any data for the Capcom fighters or whatever games I have...)

    •Starfire Light Gun Blaster gun for Dreamcast -- new sealed

    •1st party Xbox controller -- the big ass bulky 1st version

    *free VHS tape of New Dragon Inn (starring Donnie Yen, Maggie Cheung, etc.) with 2 DVD purchases + Taiseng DVD with tons of trailers for HK movies

    •Magnificent Warrior DVD -- Michelle Yeoh, excellent condition, original r0 Universe release, LBX, subbed in English

    •Fearless Hyena DVD (simitar release) -- English dubbed and cantonese track w/out subs

    •Dream of a Warrior DVD (Leon Lai) -- Mei Ah -- Korean/HK action film with HK actor Leon Lai

    •Cop on a Mission DVD (Daniel Wu, Eric Tsang) - Taiseng -- HK gangster film...

    •Bichunmoo DVD -- Korean film, this is the HK Deltamac full screen DVD -- excellent action similar to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

    •VCD of Man Wanted -- great HK crime/action film with Simon Yam and Yu Rong Guong, Christy Chung, subs, LBX

    City Hunter - Jackie Chan - China Star release, no eng subs, is LBX


    •Silent Hill 2 -- official guide

    •SSBM official Nintendo Guide, back cover has light tear from mailing.

    •House of the Dead 2 guide -- Prima

    •Final Fantasy 9 official guide

    •Devil May Cry 2 Strat Guide -- Brady games

    •Breath of Fire 3 Strat Guide -- Prima

    •Prima Lunar SSSC (PSX version) Strat Guide


    •Issues of Xbox mag I have:

    Aug. 2002, Dec. 2002, and Jan.–October. 2003 -- all are decent condition

    •Xbox Demos I have:

    #12–19, and 22–23

    •All GMR's so far as well

    •PSM magazines from the past 2 years

    •Assorted Gamepros as well up to most recent

    •Assorted ToyFare issues (with articles by me! No Joke!)


    •X-Men: Phoenix #1–3 (Ryan Kinnaird, nice artwork)

    •Ghost in the Shell: Man Machine Interface 1–5.

    •Some Appleseed books (I can check which ones if interested)

    •Some Akira original books from Epic run.

    •Ah! My Goddess, various, ask for specifics...

    •Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind -- various

    •Lots of others, looking for anything in particular?


    •Transformers -- SFC Japanese figure, with box (this is one of those little non-transformable figures released in the States as Heroes of Cybertron -- I can post picture of figure since the name is in Japanese)

    •Disney Exclusive Indiana Jones 3 3/4 inch figure

    •Star Tours figures (only available at Disney park)

    •Megatron complete, boxed -- new Robots in Disguise version

    •Lots of SW Episode 1 and 2 figures available

    MUSIC CDs (all originals and complete unless noted otherwise) -- tons more to be added...

    •Beatles -- Anthology 1

    •Smashing Pumpkins -- Singles Boxed Set

    •Nine Inch Nails -- Downward Spiral

    •NIN -- Starf*ckers single

    •Nirvana -- acoustic live album

    •Mack 10 demo CD

    •Liz Phair -- Exile in Guyville


    •Lots of Magic Cards going back to Unlimited series, Birds of Paradise, Foil cards, etc...send me a want list and I can see what I have!

    •Kenwood portable CD player with AC adaptor and car kit -- 2 sets of crappy headphones also

    •Macintosh Plus machine -- old school all in 1 unit, smaller 13 inch or so unit, boots up but has bad start up disk (blinking ? mark). May be cool for something

    •Pearl Jam "Ten": Guitar Tab book

    •Pokemon Digital Clip Pal -- cool looking -- like a little pocket watch w/Pikachu doing stuff as you program it, I can post pictures -- complete

    FREE STUFF (I can throw into orders over a certain amount for free)

    •Rushmore VHS

    •Being John Malcovich offical VHS

    •Old style Gameboy, does not work, but maybe you can get it working, can throw in to any order...I have to pick it up at my parents house at the end of the month...


    All prices are negotiable, the ones listed are just to get things started, make me a counter if not satisfied. Pictures can be sent on request.

    PayPal (bank acct or CC) or M.O. or cash or trade. PM or post here with questions and offers.



    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

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    Check your pm's.
    My Backloggery

  3. PM to ya.....

  4. ...

    New stuff added. Folks who showed interest in items, let me know the status, I'm going to start moving some items to ebay over the next few weeks.
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

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    bump...Cradle 2 Grave DVD added.
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  6. pm'd ya.

  7. castlevania chronicles and hoshigami for 25.00 shipped I noticed you accept paypal I've been very lazy with the post office since I dont have time and I can paypal you asap.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Egg_shen
    castlevania chronicles and hoshigami for 25.00 shipped I noticed you accept paypal I've been very lazy with the post office since I dont have time and I can paypal you asap.
    Well that's way too low for CC, which I see go on ebay for 30 and atleast in the high 20s regularly. Hoshigami I can let go cheaper, but I would say for both games, 45 shipped via priority.
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  9. ...

    Kidnemo, your Parodius is on its way. Pleasure doing business with you.

    Guys I am hitting the beach until Sunday, so if any of you I have deals with make Paypal payments, items will go out Monday for USPS and Tues or Wed for UPS stuff.

    PMs and e-mails will be replied to on Sunday night.

    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"


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