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Thread: Disgaea - Official

  1. News Disgaea - Official

    It's coming out soon - August 28th - and I'm jazzed. After Hoshigami's dissappointment, I've been waiting for a good FFT-style RPG. Disgaea is sporting some awesome character designs, hi-res 2D art, and over-the-top battle sequences with combos, team-ups, and more.

    Atlus' website has more info if you're interested. Please tell me you're interested...I had no love for it when I saw it at RPGamer, but seeing it in person at E3 had me sold.
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  2. I've been interested since it's Japanese release.

    I agree that the character designs are nicely done, and I'm hoping it plays like Hoshigami should have.
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  3. News

    I am sure anyone could have guessed this based on my last avatar (of Laharl), but Disgaea is one of my most eagerly anticipated titles. I love sRPG and this game looks great. I adore the character designs. The plot sounds zany and fun. I really like the idea of the Black Congress, the Item World, and so on. |)

  4. I'm a bit interested, albeit cautious. With games like these, I wait and see how it goes over with TNLers- the consensus here has yet to let me down

  5. I'm all over this one. I expect to never sleep again once I get it, but then again who really needs to walk around awake and refreshed anyway?

    Played great at E3, although I wish they'd set it up with chairs rather than off to the side on a counter where you had to stand and look at a 15"(or so) tv. An s/RPG needs a good sit-down to really appreciate.


  6. Everyone who has played the import version has liked it, as well as liking the game's spiritual predecessor La Pucelle (which I can say from personal experience is great) so I don't think this will disappoint.

    I want this as well, but with only a JPS2 and not wanting to get the untranslated version I don't know when I'll have the chance. Oh well, still got a while to go before I hit the end of La Pucelle.
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  7. This is one title that I have anticipated since hearing of Atlus's aquisition of the title. The character designs are very well done and if the strategy guide features some cool artwork, I will purchase it for that alone.

  8. I"ve had this baby reserved for a while now, and needless to say, I'm very excited about it's release...

  9. This and FFTA...

    So, so, so, so, so, sooooo excited!

    Videos look great, what I've read about it sounds great, if it turns out to be another Hoshigami I'm gonna cry.

  10. I've put 140 hrs into Nippon Ichi's La Pucelle, so buying Disgaea is a no-brainer.


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