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Thread: "The most hardcore violent messed up

  1. "The most hardcore violent messed up

  2. My friend saw this at Otakon and thought it was excellent. Then again he's one twisted fuck. But after seeing that trailer it does indeed prove without a doubt how fucked up the Japanese are. He told me the the title at the beginning of the movie rises out of semen... wow...

  3. Is this something I can watch at work? They're pretty mellow about that stuff here but I don't want to go overboard...

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  4. Holy shit dude. Now that is gore.

  5. Is this news or something? What is this a trailer for, just the hell of it?

    I hope it's for a R1 release.

    Anyway, I didn't download the trailer but I've seent he movie many times and I really think it's completely awesome. The insane gore just complements a great movie, I think it's probably the best by Miike.

  6. ...

    Didn't Media Blaster or someone else pick this up for a R1 release? Despair? Yeah, Miike isn't my bag baby, but I still want to give Ichi a try, just to know that I watched it. I like gore like in Versus, but this is way to realistic for me...
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  7. Is there a torrent for this film anywhere?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by 88mph
    Is there a torrent for this film anywhere? had one but that place is on the fritz these days and I think the link is actually gone now. There is always DC++

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite
    Is this something I can watch at work?
    NO! Don't even THINK about it.

    The razor slicing tits thing made ME wince.
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  10. That looked insane. I am assuming we won't be seeing this in the States?


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