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Thread: Playstation 3 hits Ebay!!

  1. Playstation 3 hits Ebay!!

    "Remember, not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to fuck."
    Geek in the Desert

  2. The Famicom... uh, I mean PS3 returns

  3. Seems fair. I believe $400 is the going rate on a new, pre-release hunk of plastic.
    Well that's like, your opinion, man.

  4. haha. same day shipping, as if such a thing existed, and it's only 12.56

  5. Well, that really does exist, but it isn't $12.56, no matter what you're sending ;p

  6. I love the seller. First feedback rating:

    Quote Originally Posted by eBay

    Response by ruska1999 - Changed price at the last minute, won bid for 190 charged 330 be careful f@ggot
    Hehe. That is definitely not the PS3. I mean, on top of the fact that the dates are wrong and all, there's no way it'll be that ugly.
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

  7. OMFG!!!! PS3 is coming in Jan 2004!!!!

    MeZzza Go1ngg to g3t @ PrerezXerv11!!

  8. Wow - is that spray paint or photoshop?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Matt
    Wow - is that spray paint or photoshop?
    I've always figured it was bad Photoshop, given the blurriness of the PS3 logo
    omg TNL epics!

  10. I think it's Photoshop. I mean the CD tray looks off. The CD looks elliptical. LOL...

    If only my Famicom were this powerful


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