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Thread: Anyone going to the Playstation Experience?

  1. Anyone going to the Playstation Experience?

    Basically it's just a big gaming expo for the Brits, running from the 28th to the 31st. I'm not too sure why, but I hear there will be a Nintendo bus there, with things like F-Zero. Possibly due to the ECTS going on next door to it. Here are some PS2 games that'll be on show, there's a lot more there but I'm picking out some familiar names from the list I have in the Official UK magazine.

    Beyond Good and Evil
    Broken Sword 3
    Destruction Derby Arenas
    Gran Turismo 4
    Jak II
    MoH: Rising Sun
    NBA Jam
    Pro Evolution Soccer 3
    SOCOM 2
    SSX 3
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Wow. Not so much to look forward to after all, everything else just sounds so bad (e.g. Karaoke Revolution) or something that's already out in the US (e.g. Dark Chronicle). Is anyone else going to this thing anyways? I hear Kojima will be there

  2. I'm going to ECTS but only because i've heard there is a VF tournament taking place. Last year's ECTS/Playstation Experience sucked and the only game on that list I give a shit about is Castlevania so no changes there. We always get shafted when it comes to trade shows.

  3. I'm going to miss out on this.=\ I'll probably be in London 22nd onwards.


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