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Thread: Official Discount Thread

  1. Good luck Despair.
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    Originally posted by Hybrid
    I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and noticed they had an endcap with various greatest hits and other titles priced at $20. I was quite surprised when I spotted Klonoa 2 (regular package, not greatest hits) among the Dave Mirras and Gran Turismo 3s. I think there is a good chance of this being at other stores because it was one of those cardbord promo type displays where they just unwrap it and set on the shelf. I've been wanting to pick this up for a long time and finding it new for $20 was too good to pass up.
    So Klonoa 2 is a greatest hit now?

  3. Originally posted by Korian
    So Klonoa 2 is a greatest hit now?

    "Klonoa 2 (regular package, not greatest hits) among the Dave Mirras and Gran Turismo 3s"

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    Originally posted by Dragonmaster Dyne
    "Klonoa 2 (regular package, not greatest hits) among the Dave Mirras and Gran Turismo 3s"
    I see.

    Does a title become a GH after 1 million? GTA 3 sold over 8 mil and still isn't a GH, so I guess if the game is still selling at full price, it doesn't have to become a GH?

    I dunno?

    BTW Target has GH titles like Devil may CRy for $15 this week tho selection varies.

  5. GH games for PS2 have to sell at least 400,000 and be out for nine months.
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    Which GTAIII has surpassed that, all though Sony, obviously, doesn't have full say in what is and isn't a GH.

    I would like to get in on the GBA deal, but I'll be getting a friend's almost new GBA for 28$. (Free after I win a tourny in Madden wednesday, along with 30 bucks) I am only getting it because of the selection of strategy games out on it that I don't want to miss. (eg FFT Advance)

  7. If a game is still selling well at $50 they really don't have any reason to make it a GH game (and would be silly to do so).

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    K3V is awesome!

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    Is the $50 GBA deal all week long or is it an after thanksgiving thing?

    I just checked the ad from sunday's paper and it says "69.99 Every Day"

    My mom needs to buy two of them.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  9. This is one is for my fellow Jersey gamers:

    If Walmart is out of $50 GBAs, you can go to Shop Rite on Friday, they're doing the same thing....well, at least in my area.

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    It's a fucked up world we live in when Shop Rite is selling GBAs...


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