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Thread: Puzzle Bobble online server down?

  1. Puzzle Bobble online server down?

    Just got done trying to log into Puzzle Bobble Online and it keeps giving me the blue Bob error to retry. I even tried making a new ID (it's been a week since I played so I figured maybe my ID timed out?) and it did the same thing. Anybody else having the same problem?

  2. Puzzle Bobble Online crashes my PC now It was ok for the first few days but now whenever I try to enter a game my PC hangs. I so hate PCs, useless for games.

  3. Did you download the patch?

  4. <-------------------- has found playing games on the PC useful.

    always had more ram for superior 2D animation.

    been playing for the last 45 minutes. servers fine.

  5. Are there 2D pc games??

  6. Ragnarok Online is. Most RTS games used to be...Like Star Craft, and Command and conquer...unless you wanna call the Isometric view 3d. They're sprites though.

  7. You guys might want to try Bobble Net instead of Puzzle Bobble Online. BN works exactly like TetriNet does, where you basically set up your own servers and you can run private games and all that stuff. You can have up to 6 players per game, it's fun stuff. Check it out at
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  8. tetrinet killed my social life.
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    Halverson had me totally convinced of Cybermorph's greatness, I'll tell you that much.

    Then I got a Jag, took it home, and something seemed... not right.

  9. Originally posted by johnk_
    Are there 2D pc games??

    Old School Adventure games. Quality sprite animation, stories
    and puzzles. you'd do well to look them up.

    sam and max, day of the tentacle, full throttle, space quest. . . I don't need to make a list do I?


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