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Thread: Good People that got my money

  1. Good People that got my money

    So far only sellers:
    Pacrappa: Not much to say, great guy that put some real effort into his service.

    Seven Force: Also a nice character but you already knew that.

    Sidez: A tricky one. I bought a white saturn off of him that he said was in mint condition, let me assure you that it was not, at first I thought I was gonna get hiv by just looking at it, it was that bad.
    But after spending the afternoon cleaning it up it looks and most importantly works well. The price was so good that I would feel bad about giving a bad feedback since it was nothing that I couldn't fix by myself, but for future business just make sure that he wasn't smoking crack when he put up the item and you will probably be fine.

  2. Oxtsu, another great seller, most impressed with the packaging


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