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Thread: OMG so much stuff for sale!!!

  1. Yuck OMG so much stuff for sale!!!

    Still trying to weed out my game collection a bit in order to scrape up some extra cash, free up space around the apartment, and give me more time to play the ones I like most. Lots of stuff for sale here - some of which is incredibly rare, obscure, cool, weird, and God knows what else. Some of it is the same as my last sale, but there's plenty of new stuff here that I've decided to get rid of. Buy lots, OK?

    All prices here are in US$, and don't include shipping. I'm happy to mail stuff anywhere in the world, as long as you can cover the cost. Payment can be made by MO, cheques, or cash. Paypal is also OK, as long as you can cover the service charges. If you feel something's too expensive, feel free to make an offer - the worst I can do is say "no".

    And yes, I'm happy to take trades. Click on over to my GTZ trade list to see what I'm looking for.

    Condition is generally excellent, except as noted. Nearly all the stuff here is from my personal collection, and it's been well taken care of! Note that I'm not a spine card freak, so although most of my games have them, I can't for the life of me remember which ones they are. If you want to know whether a certain game has its spine card, please ask and I'll check. All carts with backup memory have just had their batteries changed, so they'll be working happily for the next decade or so.

    I can supply pics on request, but be warned that the quality will probably be terrible. If it's something flat, I can scan it which will look a lot better.

    So! On to the goods, organized by system. Most everything here is a shooter, so if you're a 2d spaceship enthusiast you'll probably find something you like .

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    (all Japanese, complete unless noted)

    Capcom Generation vol. 3 - $20
    Cho Aniki - sold!
    Dezaemon 2 - $25
    Layer Section 2 - $30
    Planet Joker - $25
    Skull Fang - $20
    Sol Divide - $25
    Strikers 1945 2 sample disk - $20
    - 2-level Demo disk, apparently from a magazine preview.

    (mostly Japanese, Western releases noted)

    Air Grave - $60
    Darius Gaiden (NOT G-Darius! disk only) - $18
    Dezaemon Plus - $20
    Final Fantasy Chronicles (US, Canadian release w'French manual) - $35
    Gatchaman: The Shooting - $20
    Geki-Oh: Shooting King (US, Shienryu!) - $8
    Gran Turismo (PAL) - $2
    Konami Antiques MSX Collection vol. 2 - $15
    Raycrisis (crack in case, otherwise mint) - $12
    Rockman X4 (Best collection) - $15
    Time Bokan: Bokan to Ippatsu - $20
    X-Com: UFO Defense (US) - $50

    Playstation 2:

    Mobile Light Force 2 - $8


    Shikigami no Shiro Evolution: Red version - $35
    - Best version of Shiki out there! Must-have if you're an Xbox owner. Japanese, of course.


    VGA Cables - $50 each
    - Play your Gamecube games in VGA! Absolutely amazing picture - better than the DC VGA box

    Super Mario Sunshine (J, complete except for cardboard sleeve) - $12


    Sonic Adventure (J, no manual) - $4

    Neo-Geo CD:

    View Point (J) - $20

    PC Engine:


    PC Engine GT TV Tuner - $60
    - Japanese rev of the Turboexpress TV Tuner. Don't worry - it works fine with US TV signals and TE systems! Complete in box.

    US/Japan Hucard converter - $100
    - "Green diving board" style Hucard converter. Not quite as pretty as the Kisado, but it's a very reliable converter that's worked with everything I've thrown at it. Before I got around to modding my Duo, I used to use it with my Arcade Card and Tennokoe Bank a lot. I can also do US/Japan switch mods on TG16s and PCEs for a lot cheaper than this converter, BTW.

    HuCard games:
    (Japanese & complete, except as noted)

    Barunba - $15
    Battle Ace (Supergrafx, outer box slightly faded) - $12
    Daisenpu - $15
    Deep Blue (US, no cardboard) - $8
    Final Blaster - $18
    Heavy Unit (missing original case, in a generic one) - $12
    Image Fight - $15
    Kyukyoku Tiger - $16
    Mr. Heli - $15
    P-47: The Freedom Fighter (loose) - $8
    Parasol Stars (US, complete except for outer box) - $35
    Power Gate - $10
    Psycho Chaser - $12
    R-Type 1 (loose) - $7
    R-Type 2 - $13
    Side Arms (US, no cardboard box) - $15
    Thunder Blade - $10
    Toy Shop Boys - $15
    Xevious - $15

    CDs & SCDs:
    (all Japanese, complete except noted)

    Avenger - $15
    God Panic - $20
    Hawk F-123 - $15
    Image Fight 2 (missing back insert) - $30
    Legion - $15
    Macross: DYRL? (missing manual) - $8
    Metamor Jupiter - $25
    Shanghai 2 - $10

    SNES & SFC:
    (All Japanese & complete except noted. Save batteries are all fresh!)

    Acrobat Mission - $10
    Dezaemon - $25
    Dimension Force (loose) - $2
    Illusion of Gaia (US, no manual) - $12
    S.T.G. Strike Gunner ("slotted" cart) - $8
    Sonic Wings (loose) - $20
    Super R-Type - $16
    Yoshi's Island (missing manual & plastic insert) - $20


    Mega Key 2 converter - $40
    - Play any region Genesis/MD cart on any system! Has those special dipswitches on the back that let you avoid region protection on games such as Alien Soldier, Rockman Mega World, etc.

    (mix of J & US, complete except noted)

    Aero Blasters (J) - $22
    Fire Mustang (J, loose) - $8
    Forgotten Worlds (US, no manual) - $6
    Heavy Unit (J) - $10
    Magic Girl (very rare unlicensed Taiwanese shooter with a really weird cart shape, loose) - $35
    Phantasy Star 2 (US, no manual) - $10
    Task Force Harrier EX (US) - $5
    Thunder Force III (J) - $22

    (mostly US)

    Prototype carts: Alien Syndrome & Penguin Land - $40 each
    - Fronts just have plain dot-matrix printed labels, while the backs have big "sample" stickers on them. Cart PCBs are hand-soldered, with game data on eproms. The eprom labels are hand-written in katakana - very cool!

    Bomber Raid (complete) - $5
    Forgotten Worlds (Australian, no manual) - $15
    - PAL-only release!
    Hang On & Astro Warrior (complete) - $2
    Psycho Fox (no manual) - $10
    R-Type (complete) - $8
    Transbot (Sega Card, no manual) - $4
    Thunder Blade (no manual) - $4

    NES & Famicom:

    NES/Fami converters - $15 each
    - These converters are perfect for playing Famicom carts on US NES decks. They're brand new "honey bee" brand, but don't have outer plastic casing. Despite this, they work great, and even come in boxes!

    Famicom carts:
    (loose except as noted)

    Argus (rip in label) - $4
    ASO (w' manual) - $7
    Fantasy Zone 2 - $7
    Gradius 2 - $20
    Guardian Legend - $15
    Hector '87 - $8
    Kyukyoku Tiger (twin cobra) - $8
    Star Force - $6
    Star Soldier (w' manual) - $7
    Terra Cresta (label kind of wrinkled) - $5
    Tiger Heli (w' manual) - $8
    Twin eagle (boxed) - $6
    Xevious (complete) - $18

    NES carts:
    (All loose. Zeldas have new save batteries!)

    Bubble Bobble $12
    Contra - $12
    Donkey Kong Classics - $5
    Legendary Wings - $3
    Mega Man 1 - $20
    Mega Man 2 - $10
    Mega Man 3 (label kind of beat up) - $7
    Mega Man 4 - $14
    Super C - $7
    Super Mario Bros. 3 - $4
    Zanac (vintage compile goodness!) - $8
    Zelda - $10
    Zelda 2 - $10


    B&W games:
    (all Japanese versions, all loose)

    5-in-1 cart - $20
    - Great multicart! Has Rockman World 5, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury 2, Mortal Kombat, and some cheesy basketball game. Worth it for Rockman 5 alone!

    Nemesis 2 (AKA Gradius: Interstellar Assault) - $18

    Colour games:

    Macross 7 (J, loose) - $15
    Mega Man Xtreme 2 (US, no manual) - $8
    Project S-11 (US, complete) - $6

    GB Advance games:
    (all US versions & complete)

    Robotech: The Macross Saga - $10


    Layer Section (complete, mint!) - $5


    Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy (complete) - $5

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    And that's it! If you've read this far and see something you like, feel free to reply here, PM me, or send me e-mail at Thanks a lot!

  2. if that Capcom Generations 3 is the SF collection 2 one id like to take that off your hands

    ill pm you too
    Where I play
    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite
    I've changed my mind about Korian. Anyone that can piss off so many people so easily is awesome. You people are suckers, playing right into his evil yellow hands.

  3. i call one of those VGA cables for the GC, can anyone post more info on it? how it works and such. how is the quality?

  4. PMs to both of you

    Capcom Generations 3 is the one with Vulgus, Exed Exes, Higemaru, and Son Son. (#5 is the Street Fighter one).

    Oh, and for those wondering about Gamecube VGA stuff, there's a thread on the Shmups board that explains everything pretty well:

  5. damn just read that link

    now im really really really tempted to get VGA cables for my Gamecube from you

    i need to wager if i want the clarity and progressive scan but sacrifice 8 inches (tv is 27 monitor is 19)

    damn hard Decisions *LOL*
    Where I play
    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite
    I've changed my mind about Korian. Anyone that can piss off so many people so easily is awesome. You people are suckers, playing right into his evil yellow hands.

  6. ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shin Johnpv
    damn just read that link

    now im really really really tempted to get VGA cables for my Gamecube from you

    i need to wager if i want the clarity and progressive scan but sacrifice 8 inches (tv is 27 monitor is 19)

    damn hard Decisions *LOL*
    GC in VGA is nice and Matt's work is excellent -- he actually made me a dual cord that works in VGA on my HDTV with VGA inputs and on my RGB monitor as well...the problem with GC VGA is that not enough of the older games are VGA!!! But the picture you get is breathtaking...and the RGB picture is excellent for all the other games...

    Matt, I'm interested in some of that stuff...maybe I have something to trade towards the total cost -- check my thread and see...oh and I can throw in a standard 1st party GC controller with extension cable (It's solid blue)

    I'm interested in:

    Giga Wing DC and Donpachi for the Saturn and possibly Heavy Unit and Dangerous Seed on Genny -- what are these two like? Also what is Geki-Oh like? I'm interested in that as well.

    I also am going to need an RGB cable for a Comm 1084 and one for a new 12 inch Sony monitor, but I need to see which kind it is, so maybe we can do a bulk deal all at once...

    BTW -- is it possible to make a VGA cable for the Xbox? And can you use the existing 1st party component cables to cut down on cost? I notice some minor echoing effects when using the 1st party cable and think the problem could be solved with a VGA cord into my VGA port....

    E-mail and we can take it all from there.

    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  7. Your neon Yellow and blues are impossible to read...

  8. Just when I was saving for Border Down.. damn you!

    PM sent.

  9. Matt, have you gotten my emails?

  10. i think he might be busy, he has not reply to mine either


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