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Thread: FLCL manga vol. #1.

  1. Puyo FLCL manga vol. #1.

    [I'm only posting this outside of the 'Manga!' thread so that more people will see it.]

    Waldenbooks has released FLCL #1 [original date is 9/16], so you know what to do.

    Anyway, thoughts:

    -The art stlye is really slick. It really works well.

    -The story is even more convoluted than the OVA's. Events occur out of order, and it's almost like you have to piece together the plotline. You'll see what I mean. Don't expect this to clear anything up that you may have missed when you watched the anime.

    -Likewise, the plotline certainly does not follow the original story very closely. For better or worse, I do not know.

    #2 [of only 2] release November 4th.

  2. wait... there's only going to be two volumes? and all this time i thought they were going to stick with 3. hmmm... as if it wasn't already short. not complaining though.

    and i went all over the damn place today looking for it. hit up Kinokuniya, Midtown Comics, and two B&N's. out of the 4 stores, i halfway expected both B&N's and Kino to have copies but sadly not at all. Kino might have sold out at the fest and i guess not all B&N's are breaking street. Midtown expects their shippment in tomorrow due to holiday delays.

  3. I was looking at this today in Borders Books... really strange. Didn't give it a read or a purchase (yet), but definitely weirder than even the show. I'll say some more after I buy it (all books 20% off at Borders Sept. 4-6 with valid HS or college ID! Yay!).

  4. I've been waiting for this one, ever since that fan-base group translated the first chapter, oh so long ago.

    Don't expect me to say anything less than it's awesome stuff. Reading it twice through should clear everything up.


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