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Thread: "FireFly" movie gets green light

  1. "FireFly" movie gets green light

    .......... Didn't like the show much, but the premise probably would work well in movie form.

  2. I watched couple of eps before it got pulled down, and it was an ok show. Not sold on the idea that it needs a movie though.

  3. I really liked this show. The hero guy was amazingly unique. The line he says when he has his enemy on the ground is amazing:

    Mercy is the sign of a great man. He then jabs his prisoner in the ribs really hard and says: Guess I'm just a good man.

    I would have loved a Farscape movie over this one. Farscape is entertaining.
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  4. To hell with Fireflop!

    Dark Angel FOR LIFE!!!!!

  5. Not that Dark Angel was ANY BETTER. Except for Jessica Alba, that show had zilch

  6. Die please...

  7. How dare you diss my favorite show, I hate Fox..

  8. Well, I wish Dark Angel was better, and good to hear that it had its fans. But it just didnt work for me, even the final directed by Cameron himself.

    And while I am not huge fan of FOX, they have my favorite show 24

  9. The first year of Dark Angel was nothing short of the best season of T.V that I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

    The second season on the other hand was another story, I and the other huge fans stayed with the show in hopes that the 3rd season would turn it around.

    I was a big part of the movement to bring the show back and if your interested pm me and ill go over with you the drama that occured and what happened behind the scenes to turn the show like it did.....


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