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Thread: 2nd Page, but THERE IS NO 2nd PAGE!

  1. 2nd Page, but THERE IS NO 2nd PAGE!

    When a thread has enough posts to fill a page and is ready to start the second page, it will show "PAGE 1, PAGE 2" though, Page 2 has no posts in it yet.

    This happens for any page number, whenever the one before it is full.

    I am on TNL 2.1

  2. URL me, I can't find any way to reproduce this... But, I think I may know what's causing it, if it's what I think it is.

  3. I've been seeing the same thing, to lend a little validation to Valgar's claim.
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  4. Happens to me all the time.

  5. Happens to me, only with a page 4 or 5 apparantly being there, but there not being anything there.
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  6. It happens when the first page is full, i.e. if you browse at 30 posts per page once a thread has 30 posts it adds a second page that is nothing but a quick reply box. I get it all the time.

  7. I think it might have something to do with my post concatenation hack. I noticed one thread in here had 3 replies, yet there were only 2 in the actual thread itself...

  8. Happened again here for me no page 6
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  9. I had a post not appear at all, yet the thread showed that I was the last one to post. I went to the post and it was'nt there.

    Yeah, I too have noticed the ghost page.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by innova
    Happened again here for me no page 6
    Do you have your thing set on like 5 posts/page? I only see 2 pages on that link... 50 replies @ 30 posts/page.


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