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Thread: uh... been to IGN lately?

  1. Xbox uh... been to IGN lately?

    just go look...
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  2. Ahahahahahahahahah.


  3. jesus.

    well, you gotta do what you gotta do i guess.

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    Uh, are you speaking of any specific page/platform?

    ps2.ign doesn't look any drastically different to me.

    e: oh you mean Yeah I can McSee the changes. McCute.

  5. hah... really, how far can you go..

  6. That's a unique way to advertise. I'd prefer this to pop ups.
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  8. I feel like going to taco bell.

  9. I'd like a supersize of death with a Coke.
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  10. Holy shit! What a bunch of whores.



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