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Thread: [PS2] Culdcept

  1. News [PS2] Culdcept

    [PS2] Culdcept Preview & Trailer


    - IGN - IGN Entertainment, Inc.(09-10-2003)

    - - Ziff Davis Media Inc. and GX Media (07-??-2003)

    - GamePro - IDG Entertainment.

    - Culdcept Trailer(17.5MB MPEG)

    NEC Games(NEC InterChannel,Ltd.) :

  2. I've been keeping an eye on this one for a couple years. Now that it's coming out in English and I've seen the preview trailer, I've decided not to get it. It looks like playing Magic cards with Monopoly... I mildly like the latter but dislike the former.

    Thanks for posting the links, though.

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    I'd take Monopoly over Magic any damn day. Card Fighters, that's where it's at.

    I don't like the art style, either.
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  4. I think it looks cool. I came very close to getting the Dreamcast import a few times, but now I am glad I held off.

    This game has a multiplayer option right? If so is it any good?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by sggg
    This game has a multiplayer option right? If so is it any good?
    4-player, most definately

    You all need to try the game, it's... it's... BLISSFUL. I'd give the Dreamcast import a 9.7 or better, and now that it's in English, hot damn! I'm gonna be addicted once more.

    Don't view it like "I hate Magic the Gathering so I'll pass." The battles are not nearly as convoluted as in Magic. The boardgame aspects are more dynamic than Monopoly. It's a whole beautiful beast in itself.

    Rent it, buy it, whatever - just try the game!

    And once again, my review of the Dreamcast version -

    - Kabuki

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    You've inspired me.

    Don't worry, I'll give the game a fair shake. I used to think I hated all trading card games, but now I'm thinking it could just be Magic. I love Card Fighters. I should give this and Yu-gi-oh a try.
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  7. I'm sooo all over this.

    I don't think I'd ever seen that 17meg trailer yet...


  8. Puyo NEC Games's Screen Shots of Culdcept

    The comment was attached to NEC Games's Screen Shots of Culdcept.

    From a left end ....

    - Sorcerer Vs Goblin.
    Sorcerer can deliver a scroll attack of ST=30 without an item.It have nothing to do with power as the enemy about Goblin by the attack of Sorcerer which repeals defense of geographical feature. First of all, Goblin is since defense of geographical feature cannot be received.
    For Cepters, this battle is only practice of the opening part.

    - Goblin Vs Cyclops.
    Although Cyclops is a forcible creature, it always bats last in a battle.
    The land which this Cyclops protects is surrounded by the creature of an enemy's Cepter in both ends. Goblin is attacking Cyclops gaining support of two creatures of a friend.
    However, it does not have power until this Goblin pushes down Cyclops.
    Probably, for the master of this Goblin, it was enough just to give a damage to Cyclops.

    - Tempernce.
    This man (Rybern) seems to shower water. However, it is different. Although it is hiding in Rybern, the object of this spell is a creature. Tempernce will set even what creature to MHP=30.

    - No [ big foot ].
    This leg is the symbol of land being trampled down. In Charm acquisition competition, it becomes important to have more Charms(Element symbols). However, the spell of this "Pressure" has the effect which demotes worth of all Charms(Element symbols) 30%.

    - Dwarf which is having the injury treated.
    The special capability of Healer which is a creature is the power which treats the injury of other creatures. Now, Healer treated Dwarf by the command of a master.
    The territory which this Dwarf protects is the territory of Blue Cepter. If brightness of a blue frame is seen, it can check that this territory is three or more levels.Both Dwarf and Healer are the creatures of a ground attribute. Probably blue Cepter is considered to possess the book of a ground attribute.

    - Catastrophe.
    All creatures receive the damage of the half of Max-HPs.
    However, when a scene is seen, it is not a time of still using this spell now.
    However, if it uses, an effect like this photograph will show up

    - Mephistopheles's curse.
    I have not seen this scene in a battle. Oh,my. -- does an effect like this photograph show up?
    Cepter which beat Mephistopheles who is a creature loses the magic of 200MPs as a curse.

  9. Culdcept rocks.

    I guess I shouldn't have said the battles are simple, because they really aren't. It's all about judging what your opponent will throw down, and whether to react to that or to go for the kill.

    The battles aren't rediculously complex like in Magic, though

  10. Quote Originally Posted by kabuki
    Culdcept rocks.
    The battles aren't rediculously complex like in Magic, though
    That's right. Action of each of is quick. Operation is also simple.

    However, Culdcept is a deep game.


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