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Thread: Resident Evil comics

  1. Resident Evil comics

    Has anyone read the comics for Resident Evil Code Veronica? From HK and translated into english;they're hilarious. Completely unlike the game with the heros dispatching the zombies with elite kung fu grip action.

    Steve jumps in to save Claire from a bandersnatch(some huge beast) with the two golden lugers, then she asks him for one, and he says "I don't need guns for him!" throws the guns onto the ground and proceeds to give the zombie a flying kick beat down. Including a special electrified kick at the end.

    Claire is shot at by that cross-dresser guy(?) and shoots a bullet into his bullet to stop it. She also takes on seven zombies in an instant with her knife(after running scared for 2 pages) as well as defeats a few dogs with some random bag she was carrying.

    Chris runs out of bullets in a scene, clenches his fists and says: "Luckily, I still have my most powerful weapon!" He then uppercuts some huge zombie with his electrified power punch and causes it to explode.

    Its a downright silly comic, with a few ten or so page sections about Claire solving puzzles like she does in the game.

    "oh, here's a piano spindle! I remember seeing a piano!"

    "I put it in the piano, now a compartment has appeared! Its a key for the door I saw earlier!"

    stuff like that. . .uh, so, yeah. Check it out if you can.

  2. Sounds interesting. I will check that out.

  3. Man that sounds funny as hell rezo, I'll try to track it down.

  4. I saw a copy at the old comic book shop once. It kinda makes wish the game were more like that though.


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