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Thread: Quickies vs Hour-eating games

  1. Quickies vs Hour-eating games

    I only had ten minutes to kill so I was playing Super Puzzle Fighter 2 and it occured to me that I have a ton of quick play DC games that I like to keep around, while most of my PS2 and Xbox games require a significant time investment.

    I'm not just talking about the 'hour between save points' RPGs, but also a game like THPS4 where you can just complete one challenge, but after going through the trouble of loading your career and loading the level it seems kind of a waste.

    With the death of arcades, pick up and play games seem to having been shifted to handhelds, but there's even some GBA games that are not five minute friendly.

    So which do you prefer?

    PS - You can like both. Just which do you like more?
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  2. I really like having both. I don't want to have to pick. Being stuck with only one option would get really really annoying after a while.

  3. Both, obviously, but I'd probably go with hour-eaters. Makes me feel better when I spend $50 on a game and can play it for just as many hours as dollars spent.

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    I have phases where I will like one or the other. Typically, I'll play one long RPG or adventure game, such as Xenogears or more recently Metroid Prime. I'll play nothing except for that game, until I either beat it or get bored with it. Then I will switch to quickie mode. I'll find like 5 or so different games, usually DC, Neo, and SNES games, and play them constantly. Very quickly switching games, I'll be playing mostly fighters and shooters, with some odd games like Super Punch Out thrown in for fun.

    Right now, I'm playing nothing but Ikaruga, one of the few times were I play a quickie game as if it were an adventure game. I've still got that Metroid Prime save that is saying "beat me!" though.
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  5. Short

    Short! The shorter the better. If it is good, I don't care if the game is less than 10 minutes long. I will play it again anyway
    I have less and less patience for long/slow games as time goes by.


  6. I like both and kind of drift from liking one more than another from time to time. Then you have those games that are an hour to play, a lifetime to master. Like I can play SC2, CvS2, SFA3, or any shooter for an hour just for kicks, or crunch a few hours in it, trying to improve.
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  7. I dig both equally. I love "quicky" games because they tend to be fun over a longer period of time than "hour-eating" games, but hour-eaters may be more involving than the quicky games.
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  8. It depends on the mood I'm in but more often than not I prefer longer games. But it is really cool to just be able to pick up a good fighting game or shooter or puzzle game or whatever and play for 30 minutes or so while you waiting to do something else.

  9. Doesn't matter to me. I can become engrossed in an epic story or in extremely deep gameplay, or in the best situations, both.

  10. I too would have to pick both. This recent change in my gaming habits has shown me even the shortest game can be played over and over without losing any replay(eg, Fighters, Shooters). And with my current addiction to FFTA, taking a break from it and playing a little Gradius Galaxies fits the bill really well.

    Great poll, I'm interested to see what other people think.
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