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Thread: The "Shout Out" list

  1. shout out to Shinobi128, great buyer
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  2. Another satisfied ssbomberman customer here. He's great to do business with.
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    K3V is awesome!

  3. I'd like to give a shoutout for Policenaut.

    I'd decided to hold 3 saturn games for him, and wait on a money order. The money order arrived quickly and he had sent it out the day after we made the deal.

    I'd highly recommend selling to Policenaut.
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  4. Gamevet is great, he mailed a game + guide to me very fast.

  5. Shout outs to gamevet, Yoshi, and PepsimanVsJoe... all great sellers. Thanks guys.

  6. I've had almost too many great TNL transactions to recall in my six or so months of membership:

    Bought from:
    gamevet (twice)
    sonic 6
    Pepsiman vs Joe

    All of which shipped immediately with sexcellent packaging.

    Sold to:

    Prompt payment and pretty awesome guys to boot. I may have cost myself a few bucks by selling on TNL over eBay, but I've saved countless hours of description writing and photo-snapping and have had the opportunity to do business with some truly great people. I've also saved a ton of money buying games here instead of defaulting to eBay. Totally a fair trade-off.


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