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Thread: Killer 7

  1. Megaman Killer 7

    From GameSpot:
    Additional details on Capcom's Killer 7 for the GameCube have been revealed in the latest release of Famitsu magazine. Killer 7 will contain five storylines that span through four different worlds in two time periods, the present day and the year 2005. The world of 2005 will change depending on what the main character does in the present-day period.

    The main character in Killer 7 is a 65-year-old man named Herman Smith. While Herman can barely walk on his own feet, he is feared as the most dangerous killer in the world. Herman has seven personalities obtained over the course of many years working for the government. Each personality has a unique name, look, and specialty, as listed below:

    Garcian Smith - A man killed by Herman. Garcian has clairvoyant powers and is trusted by Herman to manage the rest of his personalities.

    Dan Smith - A man with telekinetic powers that let him change a bullet's trajectory with a thought. He killed Herman four years ago.

    Masked Smith - A retired wrestler who can use fire to become invincible.

    Coyote Smith - Masked Smith's son. He has the power to teleport through objects.

    Con Smith - A child with superior natural senses. Herman uses him to deliver false feelings of compassion.

    Kaede Smith - A woman with the ability to make showers of deadly blood appear and who loves Coyote and Dan.

    Kevin Smith - A new and mysterious Smith who has been given special orders by Herman.

    Herman's objective in the game is to pursue Kun Lan, an old friend and neighbor who also happens to be the game's villain. Kun Lan is the criminal mastermind of an organization that can turn people into vicious monsters. Some refer to Kun Lan as God Hands.

    Killer 7 is scheduled for release later this year and is currently 30 percent complete.
    Check out the new screens:

    well, it sure is coming along nicely, so i really hope it doesn't turn out to be survivor/horror, cause the graphics whore in me really hates playing those for eye candy alone.

  2. C'mon, this is Capcom. Of course this will be survival horror. Nobody milks franchises and gameplay engines like they do.

    At least they are experimenting with new art styles. Film Noir = cool.

  3. Holy shit does that sound, and look, awesome.

  4. Originally posted by Zerodash
    Nobody milks franchises and gameplay engines like they do.
    Except SNK.
    Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  5. Wait. So the main character is a schizophrenic shape-shifter?

  6. Uh... Riiiiiight. That story makes LOADS of sense.
    Boo, Hiss.

  7. Originally posted by icarusfall
    Uh... Riiiiiight. That story makes LOADS of sense.

    It's so freaky and insane, I love it! He can't walk, but he has other personas that can walk? WTF? I also think it's funny one of the Smiths happen to be named Kevin.
    pwned by Ivan

  8. Yeah it is pretty damn crazy. I guess his Herman Smith wheelchaired persona thinks hes paralyzed or something.

    I mean c'mon besides running people over in a motorized chair, how fun can playing a guy in a wheelchair be?

  9. Easily the best use of cell shading yet. My most wanted of the Capcom 5.

  10. The other characters are most likely what he percieves them to be. MPD. Unless he's, of course, magic.


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