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Thread: Resident Evil 4

  1. Megaman Resident Evil 4

    official site just got updated. nothing new really, just some high res pics and trailer from E3.

    still, if you haven't seen the trailer, it's a must watch. although it's a bit far away, the game easily has the best graphics i've seen on a console yet.

    everyone should check it out.

    Trailer 11MB

    anyways, i really could care less for the genre, but im sooooo buying this for eye candy alone.

  2. Resident Evil 4

    I had a look through the last few pages and havent seen anything about this... but sorry anyway, if its already been discussed. ^_^'

    Resident Evil 4 is looking the absolute business.... it has the graphical perfection of Resident Evil 1 (remake), but its entirely 3d. Ive never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life.

    You can see the E3 trailer here. (download link about half way down the page)

    Capcom seem to be veering more towards the disturbing style of horror like you see in the Silent Hill series, instead of the shock style horror in previous installments. The trailer shows a doll with a blade stuck through it, half a living deer and a creature that looks like it doesnt actually exist.... perhaps the creature is all in Leon's head - from what ive read hes been infected with the T/G/New-virus so maybe it screws with his head a little.

    Im truly looking forward to this... and so is my GC. ^_^

  3. It looks great but at this point its still too far off to get excited for.

  4. You haven't seen anything in the last few pages because nobody has talked about the game since E3. Nice avatar.
    pwned by Ivan

  5. Looks nice but the game is gonna be cack if they dont fix that damn control.

  6. I have very little faith in RE anymore, but this does look great. It's still going to be ass if the control isn't fixed, but I don't think even they can continue to screw the series like that.
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  7. Why don't I hear peeps bitchin' about Silent Hill's controls? I mean, it's basically similar to RE's...

  8. cause you have a choice of non-tank style controls.

  9. I will refuse to buy this game unless you can run, or a least walk and shoot at the same time....

  10. Same old whining about controls. Nothing new

    Never had problems with RE control scheme, and been a huge fan of the series. RE4 looks marvelous, and I cant wait to see more of it.


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