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Thread: What Cell Phone Do You Carry?

  1. I wouldnít ascribe malice to what can easily be incompetence. The 6s is what, 6 generations back, I doubt they put in many resources to testing everything.

    I got an 8+ two years ago since I was wary to be a first adopter of the X. Itís still going strong, battery life hasnít been an issue, never noticed any slow down. The only thing interesting with the new phones is the wide angle camera, and I really canít care that much about it. I might upgrade when they get high refresh screens, the iPads look so good with them.

    I havenít upgraded iOS since I heard they completely disabled 3D Touch, even for the old phones. Not sure I want to deal with changing my habits right now.
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  2. I have 7 plus, which is 3 years old. Still working very well and I might upgrade next year to my wife's X (so she can get the latest/greatest).

  3. I decided to visit the AT&T store after work. The rep told me that some versions of iPhone 6 are having issues and they are working on a patch to correct the bugs. We just finished paying off my wife’s 6s about a month ago, so I went ahead and upgraded from a 64GB 6s to a 128GB iPhone XR. It’s only going to add $22 to my cell bill for the next 30 months.

    I dropped by Walmart to get an Otterbox for the phone.
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  4. Any Chinese cell phones users?

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    Isn't everyone a Chinese cell phone user?

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  7. I hold my Vivo phone every day and everywhere. Even I forget wallet and condo's key inside my room but lmao I never forget smartphone. lol

  8. You gots a sister named Jenny?

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