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Thread: What Cell Phone Do You Carry?

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    My first one was blue, it exploded and they sent me a silver one.

    Is "sms" Canadian for "text message"?

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    I've the same one as Icepop; I hate it.
    Only redeeming quality = Snake 2.
    Lhaddat has a pretty badass phone

  3. I like your phones Bandit and Lhadatt. And to those of you without a cell

  4. I know, shit we don't even have a land line anymore.

  5. i use the Motorola T720i. good little phone, but now i'm looking to get something new. after this contract is up though, i might go with a Nextel.

  6. BTW Does anyone here use T-Mobile?

  7. i do.

  8. How do you like the service?

  9. i have a samsung something or other.

    it gets the job done. i've only had it for about a month and a half now though.

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    All cell phone service really depends on your area.

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