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Thread: Half-Life 2

  1. Half-Life 2

    I'm sure we've all been awed by the videos of Valve Software's new game coming out, Half Life 2. The physics engine is phenominal, the AI looks to be more lifelike then any other game out...but when all is said and done will it really be as good as we all believe it will be?

    A lot of big name games have recieved sequels in the past year from hard-core developers but which of these have been as good as we wanted? The technology fueling UT2K3 and Unreal II was incredible looking when first showed and still has a strong graphical prowess, but what "great" points did the two games have? Instead of getting the "revolutionary" games we were promised we got two average, fun for awhile games and because of this a once prominent Unreal Mod Community has been diminishing.

    The development of HL2 begin shortly after the original HL came out. That was 5 years ago, so how much updates have been made on game concepts to keep up with the industry? I'm sure Valve is quite good at adapting to the market but take a look at the engine. The physics are great, the graphics are near Toy Story quality, but how much time has been set aside to make a great game? Good engines don't make good games. Valve has already showed us they like to milk their franchises with their multitude of expansion packs and sub-releases related to HL. Could the company primarily be making a new game to make money or are they really dedicated to delivering a solid release?

    There's the issues of Steam as well. Any program used to run a game online or DL files has never proven too reliable so why should Steam be any different? The issues surronding Steam also surrond HL2 because Valve was either dumb or smart enough to make HL2 dependant of this program for online activity.

    Valve learned from their last release that a game can do well because of the mod community which is why such an old and outdated game as HL is still around. We learned however that blown expectations can lead to a more stagnant mod community (UT2K3). I think we should consider the fact that HL2 won't be the second coming. I'm still impatiently awaiting this game but I'm ready for a game that "won't be as good as they say"


  2. Yes. It will be.

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  3. It is true.
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  4. No it won't. It will be even better.

    I'd also like to add that Steam is great. It has made the entire process of downloading patches/updates and connecting to games even more convenient than before. The only problem with it was the horrendous launch. It will only get better from here.

  5. When Half-Life 2 comes out, I'm buying 2 copies, one to play, and one to nail to a cross so I can march up and down the streets proclaiming it the new messiah.

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    I hated Half Life, since by the time I had received a PC, it was like 3-4 years old, but by god, I can't fucking wait for HL2.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Lobo
    When Half-Life 2 comes out, I'm buying 2 copies, one to play, and one to nail to a cross so I can march up and down the streets proclaiming it the new messiah.

    And yes, Half-Life 2 will be the greatest thing the world has ever seen and when it finally comes out everyone who makes video games will give up and then we'll play HL2 forever.


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  8. Haha, I think it will be great too, but the point I was trying to get across is don't be too suprised if it's just another above-average game. I'm sure the engine will fuel the computer (and console) game market for a few years.

    I remember about a year ago people were saying how great UT2K3 would be and the original UT was one of my favorite games and after seeing the movies for the game I was convinced that UT2K3 would be the greatest game by far.

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    I have abysmally low expectations for Half-Life 2.

    That said, the technology demos look absolutely mind-boggling.

  10. *rolls eyes at the objectivity of this thread*

    I played through Half-Life a while after it came out on PC, and that it was a fun single-player experience. After hearing all the raving about online play, I cracked it out again to check that out, but was thoroughly unimpressed. It was choppy (on 56k...cable wasn't very well spread by then), the levels seemed boring, and ultimately nowhere near as fun as Tribes, which was revolutionary and liquid smooth on my modem.

    Later, TFC became prominent, so I checked that out too. It was even less fun than the pack-in multiplayer, restricting you to boring classes with boring weaponry. I didn't like the clunky interface either, and it wasn't compelling enough to make me figure it all out. CD and box go back into the closet, too be sold years later for $5 on

    So, despite some very interesting videos and great screenshots, I can't say I'm too hyped about this release. I use Macs for work now, so the PC I have probably couldn't play it worth beans (despite playing WC3 just fine), and I don't see what it will really bring to the genre accept advanced physics and an interesting single-player. Unless there's some great movement in the mod-world that I've totally missed out on, I'd put the gameplay of Q3, UT, UT2K3, Tribes, and Halo above it. Halo 2 doesn't even require me to spend a grand updating my machine.


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