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Thread: What Are You Reading?

  1. What Are You Reading?

    I'm reading Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis. I like it, but not as much as Less Than Zero, Rules of Attraction or The Informers. I think it's about on par with American Psycho. Does anyone else like Ellis?

    Anyway, after this I'll probably read You Shall Know Our Velocity! or On the Road.

  2. Just read Lullaby by Chuck Palaniuk... damned good stuff.
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  3. I'm reading a couple old favorites of mine right now, Legion of the Damned (a military scifi with cyborgs in the forgien legion and xenophobic alien invaders and an insane emperor) and I'm going to start Eggheads after that one. awesome book about a pilot of an egghead who is almost killed in the opening pages of the book. very good scifi indeed.
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  4. Right now, im going through nightmares and dreamscapes: a Lovecraft collection of his dream cycle wrightings, currently i am re-reading the strange case of charles dexter ward. Dream quest in unknown kadath is next for the re-read
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    Bible NT Hebrews

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    About to start A Diary by old Chuck P, still in the middle of Porno by Irvine Welsh.

    I love Irvine Welsh, but man does it take me a long time to read one of his books all the way through.

  7. I'm reading sylvia plath's journals.

    Hey tyler, I was wondering about rules of attraction . Was that any good ? . I saw the movie. It was very strange but I liked it. wanna know if the book is worth a read.

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  8. Just read Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. Very good book.

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    Bible NT Hebrews some of Matthew this morning.

  10. Hellboy Odd Jobs story collection.

    About to start Still Life with Crows.


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