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Thread: What Are You Reading?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    fuck this earth
    You should try reading some books.

    It might give you some perspective and help you not get so fired up over meaningless things.
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  2. I read a lot.

  3. In my mind it took you five days to read my reply.
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  4. I'm just about done with Melf's book. I've been taking my time going through it because I'm hoping some of these details stick with me for longer than a week or two.
    Does everyone here secretly dislike Melf? Several people stated they'd get his book, but no one talks about it and no one has left him a review on Amazon.

  5. Issue 163 of Retro Gamer magazine has his booked listed as 1 of the 5 things to grab for that month. In regards to talking about it and review, I just haven't had a chance to read it yet.
    Where I play
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    I've changed my mind about Korian. Anyone that can piss off so many people so easily is awesome. You people are suckers, playing right into his evil yellow hands.

  6. Here is most of what I've read since the Catch 22 debacle. I also read a Lobster Johnson book which was rad and a Robert Jordan Conan book which was crap.

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    What debacle? Did you not like it?
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    Holy shit you didn't.
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.

  9. 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed. Really quite good.

  10. the movie was awful


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