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Thread: Great Sellers

  1. 007bond is a great seller!

    I bought Phantasy Star 2 and Zombies Ate My Neighbors from him.

    Great communication, the items were packaged nicely and sent quickly and the games work.


  2. Thanks for the praise GameFreak! GameFreak is a good buyer, a pleasure to do business with. Good communication as well.

  3. Once again, great seller!

    I just completed my 3rd deal with Bond and once again am completely satisfied. Professional packaging and quick e-mails. Nice doing business with you!
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  4. Thanks! Once again a great transaction with ssbomberman. He's a top notch buyer and seller.

  5. Great Sellers

    I bought Prehistorik Man for the GBA from Matt.

    I bought Golden Sun for the GBA from Kabuki.

    Both sellers obviously took great care in packaging the games, the games were in mint condition, just like they stated.

    Thanks guys.

  6. Yeah - I bought a NGPC game from Kabuki.

    Packed with care, got here expediently, looked damn near to mint as could be,and all in one piece ....totally trustworthy guy...

  7. I bought Sonic Advance 2 from Matt.

    He shipped the game quickly and the game was in great condition when I got it.

    Thank You.

  8. I sold WOSE/DD2 to EpMode. Took me a few weeks to ship it, but he sent payment as soon as he got it, hence, I give him a reccomend rating.

    No clue where else to put this, so here it is.

  9. I nabbed Doom 64 from Nomi, glad that turned out well.
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  10. I bought Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG and Metal Warriors from Icarusfall, the games arrived quickly and they were well packaged.

    Buy from Icarusfall, he's a great seller.



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