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Thread: A bit of new stuff

  1. A bit of new stuff


    I haven't posted anything in a while. I actually have a couple new paintings, but I don't have access to a digital camera right now, so I this sketch will have to do. It was drawn from life with a mechanical pencil. All the shading is exaggerated to make it a little more interesting. Anyway, here it is.


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    Flip it horizontally, color it in red, green, and yellow, add in an outline of the continent of Africa and a peace sign, spray it with the sent of "Jamaican Love", and sell it as an car air freshner. I'll buy three.

    Seriously though, good work as always, is this a study for a painting? Is it your own hand? I"m right handed so I always use my left hand for man hand studies. I use my fiance's for womens.

    PM when the air freshners are ready

  3. Thanks Mon

    It is my left hand. I did it at work yesterday. I was just kind of bored, & hand drawing is always fun & challenging.


  4. You've got yourself some meaty, meaty wrists. Interesting how all that deep shading comes across mostly as highlights -- shiny, almost.


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