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Thread: Arlington Road was on Tv last night!

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    Arlington Road was on Tv last night!

    Great Movie with Jeff Bridges very exiting and creepy I loved it in the theatres and it deals with Domestic terrorisim. I recommened it to anyone who like Thrillers check out the DVD/VHS one though cause the TV version was edited down quite a bit. Oh and the ending Wow.


  2. Yeah, I heard its a good movie, but still never had a chance to watch it. My friend told me about the ending, and Yeah thats quite unsual to have a movie to end like that, without necessary happy end.

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    The DVD version has an alternate ending that I have yet to see.

    I like this much better than Blown Away another film with Jeff Bridges and Joan Cusak plays another creepy role.

    BTW intro scenes and credits some of the best cool music too.


  4. very underrated movie. this movie got bad reviews, people taked shit about it. glad I didn't listen to their opinions.

    Very disturbing..i hate these kind of endings. But guess thats what makes it disturbing..I had to laugh a couple of times, not because there were any funny moments in the film but Tim Robbins' wife in the movie was in 'In & Out' a couple years earlier and I just couldn't take her seriously.
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    Halverson had me totally convinced of Cybermorph's greatness, I'll tell you that much.

    Then I got a Jag, took it home, and something seemed... not right.

  5. Outstanding movie with an incredible ending.
    Definately gotta get this on DVD one day.
    - Kabuki

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    This Movie is some of Jeff Bridges best work IMO though I think he is a good actor.


  7. I loved this movie. I knew nothing about it at all when I saw it, which really makes movies better.


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