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Thread: OSTs.

  1. Japan OSTs.

    To start off... Geneon has announced a few great-great-amazing OSTs for release in January of 2004.

    - FLCL OST1
    - His and Her Circumstances Act 1.0
    - Evangelion OST1

    All for a mere $15 each. [I won't start kicking myself for spending $30+ on the import FLCL OST, however... it is/was well worth it.]

    Maybe they'll release the second FLCL OST if the first sells well?

    Anyway, I love the fact that US companies are slowly releasing more and more OSTs... It's great to be able to walk into Best Buy and see Lain and Chobits CDs sitting on the shelves...

    Some OSTs I own, just to kick-start a bit more conversation:

    FLCL OST #1
    Cowboy Bebop OST
    Chobits 001
    Lain OST
    Azumanga Daioh Vol. 1 OST
    Berserk [on order]
    Boogiepop Phantom OST [+ Inspired music CD]

  2. i've got a bunch of the old Pioneer releases, the Akira ost, M.D. Geist II, Metropolis (great f'n ost btw), and the one released by Rhino that has a lot of the classics (came in two covers, Cutey Honey and Speed Racer). i might have more than that, but those are off the top of my head.

    ah... and the cds that came with limited editions. Jin-Roh, Escaflowne the movie, both Boogiepop osts.

  3. Berserk's OST has been in my CD player for about 10 months now. Probably my favorite music to draw to.

  4. I find it funny that ADV keeps announcing soundtracks that I absolutely care nothing about, and then Geneon announces three soundtracks that I have been wanting to import.

    Thank you Geneon for not sucking.

  5. #5
    I'd buy the His & Her soundtrack just for that ending theme..

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Ex Ranza
    I'd buy the His & Her soundtrack just for that ending theme..
    But as a bonus, every song in the show is good

  7. The increasing availability of anime (and even game) OSTs is certainly welcome. Tons of great music that is well suited for my long-ass commute every day. A few of my stand-bys:

    -Evangelion (End Of and Death and Rebirth)
    -Cowboy Bebop (LE Box Set)
    -Berserk (DC and Anime OSTs)
    -Macross Plus (Original; Fans Only; Sharon Apple)

    Once I've worked up to it, I bust out the big guns:

    -Akira (Symphonic Suite)
    -Baroque (OST)
    -Elemental Gearbolt (OST)

    Great stuff.
    "Fiends! Animals! Bastards!"

  8. How's the soundtrack to the DC Berserk? I can only remember that one song at the start of the game, Forces II (which is great of course). Didn't realize it got a formal release, but that's pretty cool.

  9. If the seccond FLCL OST is released, they better translate all those skits. I mean, I already own it, but I'd definately get a translated version.
    The over imaginative Ninja's fought the rum filled pirates untill battle drew to a close.

  10. New Pio-Geneon press release containing His and Her, Eva, and FLCL track listings, cover art, etc:

    "Buy 4, get 1 free?"


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