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Thread: Dog Soldiers - New Werewolf movie

  1. Dog Soldiers - New Werewolf movie

    Well, for the Werewolf and other werewolf fans here, follow this link to the site of this upcoming movie. They got story summary, cast and various trailers for this film. Check them out:

  2. judging by the reviews, this movie looks to be scary as shit(then again, all werewolf movies are scary ).

    Can't wait. and thats a sweet site btw.
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  3. Sounds cool, hopefully it will be good ^_^

    Thanks Despair

  4. No Problems I hope it turns out good as well

    This month Fangoria has big article about this film as well. Good to see regular make up and suits used instead of cheap looking cgi.

  5. Do you know if they plan to run this in the USA? Otherwise I will have to wait for the home release to see it.


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