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Thread: Prince Planet's Feedback Thread

  1. Uh-oh Prince Planet's Feedback Thread

    My deal with Haohmaru was a breeze. Get this: he thought my asking price was too low, and offered more. (Wow, I probably shouldn't be telling you all this. Sorry, Haoh.) On top of that, he generously tossed in a couple extra bucks for what he perceived to be a slight delay in payment (which, by the way, was NOT the case). Great guy, great buyer.

    Technosphile is a also a solid buyer. We reached a fair price immediately, and Technos came through with prompt payment as agreed.

    They're both good guys in my book. Thanks.
    "Fiends! Animals! Bastards!"

  2. You gave me up...just like that... <sniffle>

  3. Uh-oh

    Although I haven't done any trades or personal transactions with Haoh, I used to buy all my imports from VGD. There was a slight miscalculation with my shipping charges, but Haoh rectified it on my next order and threw in a copy of the GameGo issue 1. Haoh is a class act.

    Now Haoh, about that Propeller Arena you have there...

  4. Another thumbs-up for Haoh from me.


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