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Thread: Kabuki's Feedback Thread

  1. Uh-oh OmegaFlareX, Jetman, GameFreak, johnsamjohn, Shinya

    - OmegaFlareX
    - Jetman
    - GameFreak
    - johnsamjohn
    - Shinya

    Shinya even threw in a few extra bucks for shipping over what I requested, so he gets an extra nod from me.

    All reputable buyers that you can feel comfortable dealing with!

    - Kabuki

  2. Meh 88mph / Icepick - good to trade with!

    88mph shipped his goods to me, insured and wrapped up tighter than Santa Claus in spandex.

    "A trade with 88 is a trade worth talking about."

    So... deal with 88mph (now going by Icepick) !!

    - Kabuki

  3. I also give 88/IP a thumbs up.


  4. I give myself a thumbs up too... as well as these two jabronis in this thread.

    Pacrappa too... hes the shit. But you already knew that...


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