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Thread: [**UPDATE** SOLD! **] PS2 HORI Arcade Stick (Soul Calibur 2) For Sale

  1. [**UPDATE** SOLD! **] PS2 HORI Arcade Stick (Soul Calibur 2) For Sale

    i have one of these mint in box, only used a few times. flawless.
    i also have a PS/PS2 controller to GameCube converter that works with the stick. (just in case) and as a bonus, i can throw in a PS2 SC2 demo disc, unopened.
    interested parties should reply here, PM me.
    PayPal is preferred, but not required. i'll ship for reasonable rates.

  2. i'll trade this for FIFA 2004 for Xbox or GameCube

  3. I have a friend borrowing my same stick at the moment. I'll tell him about your thread. How much you looking to get for this?

  4. around $40 + shipping (i paid $60)

  5. Just curious, what kind of adapter works with it? Do you have any links or pics?

  6. it's a purple NYKO product, i don't have a pic. sorry

  7. Is this still for sale?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by plik
    PayPal is preferred, but required.

  9. SOLD!


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