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Thread: eBay Goods for SALE !!!!! -- UPDATED 10.28.2004

  1. eBay Goods for SALE!! - UPDATED

    I got some PROMO goodies up for sale. Stickers, Foam Cubes, Tattoos, finger board with Rockstar NY on it, football, DBZ keychain, and MGS2 Calendar. I'm thinking about putting up for auction some of my unworn videogame shirts. But check back on my auction and see what other stuff I might have up for sale.

    Link to my auctions are in my sig..but for those who are lazy to look it is
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  2. I have posted more stuff online. State of Emergency Dog Tags, SOCOM II Dog Tag, XBOX Lanyard, GameCube Lanyard, NES Cartridge holder, PS2 DVD Game Holder (RARE), PlayStation RFU, SNES Inner box and dust cover and more!

  3. I got other goodies besides PROMO items up for sale. I got a RARE MDK2 PS2 memory card, 2 DVDs and a RARE PS window decal.

  4. Damnit, I had like 20 of those GC lanyard things a year ago. I gave most of 'em away to friends. If I knew I could get $10+ a pop for 'em they'd be on ebay.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Xeno Gigas
    Damnit, I had like 20 of those GC lanyard things a year ago. I gave most of 'em away to friends. If I knew I could get $10+ a pop for 'em they'd be on ebay.
    Tell me about it. Luckily I held onto them. I'm just getting rid of whatever stuff is just laying around and is just collecting dust. I got one more of those GC lanyards left. I'll probably just post it along with another xbox and playstation that I have.

  6. I have 3 small items up

    3-Month pass to Bally Total Fitness and some extra stuff
    Leather SONY CD Player Carry Case
    Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition Disc for the GameCube

    If I find more stuff to sell, I'll post it.

  7. Have more stuff to sell. Here are a list of some..

    GBA w/Afterburner + MORE (professionally description)
    Love Hina Novel books Vols 1-14
    HP Black Printer with Toner
    HP Toner Cartridge
    Espon Color Printer with Toners
    Street Fighter Comics
    SEALED Super Battletank for GameGear
    PlayStation 2 DVD remote w/IR
    Jabra Bluetooth FreeSpeak

  8. OK...more stuff..

    TROY movie posters
    PROMO Superman T-Shirt (NEW)
    PROMO Onimusha T-Shirt (NEW)
    PROMO PlayStation Messenger Bag (NEW)
    Carver Stereo Power Amplifier (NEW - no longer made)

  9. I got the following up and soon to be up..

    OFFICIAL Sony PlayStation 2 Light Game Sign (HUGE!!)
    NBA Live 2004 PlayStation 2
    jabra bt200 bluetooth headset (missing charger and cradle..good for a spare or you can buy items separately yourself)

    coming soon..
    2 gravis controller
    nes system + 9 games
    snes system + 5 games (3 of the 5 work)
    gold zelda nes cartridge
    pac-man tengen cartridge
    tetris cartridge
    metroid cartridge

  10. Just added..

    2 Gravis GamePad Pro Controller
    PROMO Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Trucker Hat


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