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Thread: Incredible new Ghost in the Shell 2 trailer

  1. Yuck Incredible new Ghost in the Shell 2 trailer

    pwned by Ivan

  2. Yes, the animation is insane.

    In other news, 26 more episodes of Stand Alone Complex are on the way.

  3. I hated stand alone complex, and I liked the original, but I was pretty new to the genre at the time.

    But Production IG are capable of some incredible freats of animation when they want to put the money into it, and I'm sure this will be a stunner.

  4. Animation is beautifull indeed, but I wish there was more that they showed.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Click_Stick
    Holy crap this is going to be awesome...

  6. That looks beautiful!
    I'm a tiny bit sceptical though, after seeing the pretty but painful Escaflowne movie.

    Scepticism or not, I'm all over Innocence.

  7. Wow...

    The original is still my favorite anime of all time and this looks amazing. I know I'll love it but I'm also a total Shirrow fanboy.
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  8. #9
    When the hell is this going to be released?!?!?!

  9. Production IG can make some incredible animation, but I don't think i've ever liked any of thier series or movies that i've seen. I didn't like the first GitS at all, even though i thought the manga was really good. They just can't tell a story or portray compelling characters. This trailer looks beautiful, but i don't expect the movie will be anything to make me change my opinion of Production IG.


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