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Thread: Good places for import manga?

  1. Good places for import manga?

    Can anyone out there suggest some good places online that sells import manga? I know of three, but they're not that great. Animenation doesn't have that many, Sasugabooks wants a minimum $20 order, and Kikiwai is too expensive. Thanks.

  2. You live in the bay area and you have to order manga online?

  3. Kinokuniya doesn't have what I want.

  4. kino should have everything. it's shocking to hear they don't, but it's not that shocking since you can't expect them to stock everything.

    if you ask them, they could probably order it for you.

  5. Planet Anime seems to have quite a few.

  6. I use The English search engine took me a few tries to figure out. Having an ISBN # really helps otherwise searching the author last name first works. Titles are weird because everthing is spelled out phonetically.


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