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Thread: "that's our law..." let's talk about initial d!

  1. "that's our law..." let's talk about initial d!

    i don't watch much anime, but i've got to say that initial d is one great series. i caught a two episodes at a friend's house, and immediately had to have it; bought the entire dvd collection the week after.

    the humor's great, the racing scenes are cool, but the best thing about the series are the characters. takahashi ryosuki is the man! his race against the lancer evo, in the second season, was the dopest.

    the coolest thing about the series is that even though you always get the feeling that takumi is going to win, the races always have you on the edge of your seat.

    anyone else a big fan of initial d? if so, who is your favorite character(s)? and what's your favorite race?

  2. Well, Havent seen it yet. I know its about cars, but never had a chance to catch it. I might give it a try in the future, once I get through my present anime stockpile

    Nash have you seen HK, Legend of the Speed? Its pretty cool racing film, check it out.

  3. Originally posted by Despair
    Well, Havent seen it yet. I know its about cars, but never had a chance to catch it. I might give it a try in the future, once I get through my present anime stockpile

    Nash have you seen HK, Legend of the Speed? Its pretty cool racing film, check it out.
    yeah, i've seen legend of speed (twice actually). it was the first ekin cheng movie i saw. yeah, the races were pretty cool.

    you should totally check out initial d. it's a great series with a great story. i heard it's going to be released domestically pretty soon.

  4. I have started a number of threads about Initial D in hopes of raising support in the past. Initial D is definitely my favorite all time anime series.

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. There are simply so many appealing elements to it.

    I really love cars/street racing, and this series has gotten be a lot more interested in drift. I have started practicing on every rainy day. As opposed to some anime series that throw around technical terms that don't mean anything (cough, Eva, cough), this series really strives for accuracy, and I have actually learned from it. When they talk mechanics and technique, you can bet your ass that they apply to real life.

    The show definitely has a great sense of humor. It isn't over the top (as is the case with most anime that go for humorous elements), and it just fits the series really well. Itsuki rules!

    The characters are great. I relate more with Iketani than any other character from any other piece of fiction I've ever experienced. Bunta is the greatest character of all time. I also think Takumi makes a great lead. Every rival has so much personality, and they tie in great with their racing styles.

    "the races always have you on the edge of your seat"
    I must agree again. After watching the first stage finale, my heart was literally pounding for hours. The most exciting action sequence ever.

    In spite of what I just said, I think my favorite race was the second, the race against the Night Kids' R32. "Battle to the Limit!", "WHAT?! Passing on the outside?!"

    I have seen all of the first stage, all but a few episodes of second stage, third stage, and Battle stage. I have yet to find a proper version of extra stage on Kazaa. I can't wait to get the first volume of the manga, which should be out next week.

    I currently drive an 86' BMW 325, my first car. I got it when I was 16.5 (may 99). I will be getting a LanEvo VII as soon as they go on sale. I'm going to put my name on one once finals are over.

  5. Initial D is quite possibly one of the greatest series of all time. It's up there with Cowboy Bebop and Slam Dunk for me. Major props to the makers. It's all about the 86. Recognize the greatness and do yourself a favor by watching/reading the series. Great stuff indeed.

    Support is needed. Spread the word to the masses. Fools are everywhere.

  6. There are two things in life that I hate:
    1) Listening to talk about cars
    2) Bad CG

    Initial D seems to have both in spades (from the previews on my GTO discs, at least). I won't be buying Tokyopop's DVD release, but I am a very open-minded person, so I'll be damned if I'm not going to check out Initial D when its hits US TV. When I watch it, I'll just imagine it with cool Eurobeat music in the background.

    Hrmmmmm... it is supposed to have a cool soundtrack... Plus you guys seem to love it... Maybe I will check out the first unedited DVD...

    Then again...
    - Kabuki

  7. Ok Initial D is good but it is nowhere near being the best series ever.

    Good things about the series:
    Super Eurobeat!
    Nice cars

    Bad things:
    Bland and often retarded characters
    Drawn out, DBZ style races.
    Poor character design, some of the characters look pitiful

    Yeah my name is Takumi, but it's more of a joke that me and my brother have. God when this gets released in the USA be prepared to read everywhere about 16/17 year olds killing themselves trying to drift in their Nissans because Takumi could. And be prepared for the 240sx to become the next riced out Civic.

    People if you want to go drifting, do it safely. Make sure your car can handle it, you have the proper safety gear, and be prepared to crash. Because you will. Alot.


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