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Thread: Kirby toys at Wendy's

  1. Neo-Geo Pocket Kirby toys at Wendy's

    My wife and I went for lunch yesterday and I saw that Kirby is in the new kid's meal. It's based on the show ("Right Back At YA!") and IMO all the toys suck except this one, which looks like the E3 giveaway for Kirby's Air Ride.

    Not as good as the Sonic or Mario toys but for only $2.29, what the heck.

  2. I know this dude that works at wendy's who is gonna give me the whole set. woohooo! Theyre pretty cute, and now i have something to go with my Chomp figure I got at wendy's.
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  3. hahaha

    I work at Wendy's ...


    We kinda just take the toys.

    My fave is the Ice Blue Bowling Kirby...

    WoOt for wendy's toys !

    yum yum yum ...

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    I like the magic 8 ball Kirby chef.
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