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Thread: wwwhhhaaattts wwwiiittthhh ttthhheee SSSlllooowwwnnneeesss

  1. wwwhhhaaattts wwwiiittthhh ttthhheee SSSlllooowwwnnneeesss

    III cccaaannn bbbaaarrreeelllyyy rrreeepppllllyyy tttoooo aaannnyyyttthhhiiinnngg aaannnyyyooonnneee pppooossstttsss.

    seriously, its taken half an hour of refreshing just to get into the troubleshooting boards. Is it just me or is it something we're all experiencing?

    note: other websites are fine, and I'm on shitty 56k.

  2. Forums are loading fine on me, but I'm on cable. Haven't had any problems all night.

    Quote Originally Posted by arjue

    note: other websites are fine, and I'm on shitty 56k.
    Broadband, my aussie mate, broadband
    omg TNL epics!

  3. I dunno, the site seems its usual lightning-fast to me.

  4. TNL is always at least 50% slower than any other site I go to. I've just gotten used to it.

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    It's pretty fast over here.
    My Backloggery

  6. hmmm, seems to have fixed itself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarok the Red

    Broadband, my aussie mate, broadband

    I know, I know...

  7. yes. stop leaving in the dark ages my friend and join your brothers of high-speed.


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