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Thread: JM's Feedback Thread

  1. A Shout out for PaCrappa!

    I just recieved another package from the Crapster & everything was top notch as usual. I have purchased about 98% of all my import games from him & I have never had less than a perfect transaction with the man. I also got my JPS2 from him & had him mod my DC & PSX. I highly reccommend him to anyone looking for import games or mods. He has also been known to hook people up with PCB's from time to time too. I know others here can also vouch for his high quality service.

    Anyhow, I can't say enough good things, just go shop with him.


  2. Man, I can't thank you enough. As always I appreciate the biz and am glad that I can be the guy who gets you what you need.

    Did you get that email? It was sent to your work account.


  3. Pa' needs a website!

    *shakes fist - runs out*

  4. Doh! I hadn't checked it untill just now! Glad to hear things are going well. Send me some pics of the new pad when you get a chance.


  5. I'll share in this thread. So far I've done two transactions with Pa in the past month or so, and he's been spot on. Even managing to send the items out the day I make payment, so I'd wind up with the package just a couple days later.

    Excellent seller. Give him your business.

  6. I've got PaCrappa in my "Shout Out" thread but to make sure everyone knows, he is a A+ seller.
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  7. The Man = Capt. Veggie

    This isn't for a trade or purchase, Mr. Veggie was kind enough to send me a Viewtiful Joe Bobble head, simply because my GS didn't get the VJ model. Not only did he hook me up with the VJ, he threw in a regular joe as well! On top of all this, he refused payment for the shipping. All of this was out of the kindness of his heart, with nothing to gain for himself.

    You are a rare breed sir.

    If anyone is considering doing business with him, rest assured that he is true to his word, & a damnd fine fellow.

    Thanks man


  8. Sorry it took so damned long.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
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  9. Same here, JM.
    Cap'n Veggie rules.
    With his cah-roht! And his celery...

    Thanks a bunch, man. You are teh awesome.

  10. Yes, CV is teh man... I got the bobbles from him as well... he doth ruleth.
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