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Thread: Xbox games for sale.

  1. Yield Xbox games for sale.

    Steel Battalion - 175 Dollars (shipped)
    Otogi - 38 Dollars (shipped)
    Top Spin - 40 Dollars (shipped)
    Soul Calibur 2 - 40 Dollars (shipped)

    Otogi and Top Spin are brand new, Steel Battalion is in great condition, and Soul Calibur 2 is in great condition also.

    Thanks for taking a look.

  2. You didn't play Otogi and Top Spin? Those two are most remarkable.

  3. One of my friends purchased Otogi, so I can borrow the game every once in a while when he's finished with it. It's a nifty game to play. I've kept the game over the two week time limit, so I doubt I could return it to EB.

    I ordered Top Spin through MSFT's retailer program before I found out that the online doubles matches are limited to two players on one Xbox versus two players on another. I chose to rent the game from Blockbuster to give it a shot, and even though it is an enjoyable title, I don't think it's something I should keep. The online doubles matches were a big selling point for me, but the whole 1 Xbox vs another put a wrench into the works.


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