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Thread: Hellraiser 6: Hellseeker

  1. Hellraiser 6: Hellseeker

    Well, Apparently Part 6 of this series is coming to video this Fall. Here is the link to info and cast list:

    I'm a big Hellraiser fan, I loved first 3, Bloodlines had some good ideas, but was dissapointing, and I didnt like Inferno at all, except for FX part. I hope that Hellseiker will get it right thouhg.

  2. What's the word on the Clive Barker movie that will include the Tortured Souls?
    Boo, Hiss.

  3. Originally posted by phoenix angel wing
    What's the word on the Clive Barker movie that will include the Tortured Souls?
    The Damnation Game? If thats the one, then I heard its coming out in the summer.

    The first two Hellraisers were my favorite. The rest of the series was crap. (maybe Clive Barker not working on the rest had something to do with it?)

    I hope the 6th enstallment is a good one.
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    Halverson had me totally convinced of Cybermorph's greatness, I'll tell you that much.

    Then I got a Jag, took it home, and something seemed... not right.

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    I really liked the first Hellraiser but kinda lost interest after Bloodlines though I will probally still check out the new one.

    While were on the subject of Horror what's the Status of Rob Zombie's Movie he is directing I forget the name.


  5. ya i hear Pinhead's in this one more than he was in 5, but I haven't liked a Hellraiser movie since part 3 (and I LOVED the first three, BIG time). So in the end, I'll have to see part 6 though I still doubt it'll be any good.

  6. Well, Many people hate Hell on Earth, but I thought it was fun film. Excellent fx, and Pinhead walking the streets killing people left and right was really cool. SUre, not really horrific but fun

    I liked new cenobite designs mixing technology with gruesome results

    Yes, Pinhead will have much bigger part in Hellseeker, and its a good thing. Eventhough Hellraiser never was about just him, and later parts in the series kinda focused on him, its always great to see more of Doug Bradley Cant wait to see what cenobites will look like. In the credits they mentioned surgen, nurse and other medical themed cenobites.

  7. yeah, Hellraiser was never about Pinhead but man he just EATS up the screen every second he's on. It's his brief moments that I LOVE the first three Hellraiser films so much. His dialogue is just pure beautiful, evil's amazing. I LOVE his speech to J.P Monroe in Hell on Earth and the side change at the end of Hellraiser 2 just had me out of my chair! So damn bad-ass. Though I miss the female cenobite, Butterball, and the Chatterer. =(


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