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Thread: I want your records

  1. I want your records

    I am interested in purchasing any and all records you may have lying around your house.

    Please PM me if you would like to unload some vynal.

  2. I was about to trade these in at Amoeba, but if you see anything you want here's what I don't need anymore/am now embarrased to have sitting around:

    Sleater- Kinney [Dig Me Out]*
    Sleater-Kinney [All Hands on the Bad One]*
    Backyard Babies [Total Rock Chaos]*
    Dinosaur Jr. [Bug]*
    Ramones [Halfway to Sanity]
    Ramones [Animal Boy]
    The Waitresses [Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful]
    The Go [Whatcha Doin']*
    Le Tigre [Feminist Sweepstakes]*
    Fugazi [Margin Walker]

    *= Bought new, and kept in good condition/complete. Rarely left their sleeves, these. Backyard Babies album has some wear on the front of the sleeve so you see the imprint of the record, the others are excellent.

    The rest are in typical used Rasputin/Amoeba/etc. condition. Not bad, but not "like new" either.

  3. How much for all of em shipped?

  4. [88mph/Icepick]Make me an offer.[/88mph/Icepick]

  5. How much would you want for my Led 3 if it works (I'd test it)? I'll trade you for that HDD.

  6. #6
    Gonna do some skeet shooting this weekend?
    My Backloggery

  7. "Any and all..."

    Are you serious? Because I could probably round up several hundred that I don't need.

    What the hell are you planning to do with these? Is there some new chapter in the latest edition of the Anarchist Cookbook?


  8. No. I have recently got my floor unit record player wired up and working...

    It has a stacking mechanism that I can stick 20 or so records on to be played back, I'd like to have some random weirdness playing in my house at all times.

    For example: The past two days have been spent listening to WW2 era songs about how great the US is.

    I would much prefer older, stranger records over the newer ones.

    But one of my goals is to round up every Johnny Cash record ever produced. If you can help me, let me know.

  9. He just got a pwnz Coffetable Record Player. I'm teh jealous. :'(

  10. Oh. Okay, I'll poke around for anything cool. I was thinking you were melting 'em down in acetone and making some sort of dirty suitcase nuke thingy. So those several hundred, they mostly won't be acceptable.



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