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Thread: consolized MVS system

  1. consolized MVS system

    anyone here know how and willing to build me a consolized MVS system? if so, give me a price. also, PM or AIM me for details on how i'd like it to look. thanks.

  2. Matt is the man to talk to. He does great work.

  3. My friend Robert Wallace (that's his screenname) at has a few already built and can do custom work. He lives up the street from me and I can vouch for the quality control from first hand experience. If you're serious about this, definitely look him up.


  4. Yes, I'm sure I could do it - it looks really easy.

    However, I'm morally opposed to "consolizing", because I feel it's an inefficient way of doing things compared with superguns, and limits people to only Neo-Geo games when they could be playing all sorts of other cool JAMMA stuff.

    Pacrappa has good taste, so you should probably follow his advice.

  5. Well spoken Matt, I ain't into it either. A "consolized" supergun and a single slot MVS board would be far more versatile and not cost much more than Robert's two slot MVS consoles.


  6. yeah, i talked to robert on the phone today. he has one last consolized MVS system left, but i'm not sure if i wanna grab that one. the ones he's made look nice but after seeing supergoose's third consolized 2-slot MVS, that's how i'd want mine to look. it basically looks the same as robert's except he has a steel panel underneath the MVS board as opposed to robert's peg stands. robert's not sure if he wants to do the steel panel since he doesn't want his system to look too much like someone else's.

    matt, i know you're the man, since you got that saturn controller to work on my 3DO. you think you can make me one that looks exactly like this one? if so, how much?

  7. Hey Nash (and PaCrappa!)

    Robert Wallace definitely does great work on the MVS stuff. He had a little of an issue with another member over his "originality", so he is a bit sensitive. I believe the pegs for the stand are the ones that come with the system....

    As far as efficiency of the system, I'm a fan of the consolized systems merely for the fact that they take up little space (no more than the 2-slot by itself), but yeah, a supergun is more versatile as long as it's designed to work with more than neo geo 4-button layouts. I have one of the Shadow 4 systems and it's unbelievably slick and works no problem.

    (and PaCrappa, the system came in today. should get the replacement out tomorrow!)

  8. hey D-Lite, robert says to give him back his shadow4.

  9. it took months to get it outta him.....

  10. Holla! Nice to see you finally made it into the in crowd d-lite! TNL welcomes you!!!



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