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Thread: RGB out of an NES is possible? I never knew that.

  1. RGB out of an NES is possible? I never knew that.

    I really need the details on this one. Apparently, some dohicky called a PC10 has a video chip that jives with the NES. This PC10 chip outputs RGB. You can replace your NES video chip with the PC10 chip and then have RGB on your NES. Has anybody heard anything like this before? WTF is a PC10 anyway?

    Oh yeah, apparently French Famicoms have RGB right out of the box as well.

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    Now what the hell is the point of that?

  3. The point is that RF and composite is the work of the devil and must be eliminated. The point is also NES on Wells Gardner monitors with no nasty conversion losses (or crappy starting point signal).

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    But... its... an NES...

  5. So? It still looks a lot better in RGB. That's a fact. :P

  6. Famicom RGB is possible if you replace the PPU with one by Sharp that's in their Famicom Titler and C1 units. Neither machine is that cheap in Japan but I was fortunate to come across a broken Titler awhile ago to do the mod.

    PC10 = Play Choice 10, the arcade NES variant

    I forgot about this when I was searching for the Titler. I've heard some people say that you can take the PPU off of it but that was just speculation.
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  7. N.E.S. rgb ? It could be -cool- , i've got a french N.E.S. but it's not a real rgb , just composite

  8. So the French bit is false, eh? No SCART output or anything like that? Ah! Playchoice 10! I should have known that....

  9. Titler....



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