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Thread: your opinions wanted for a comic project

  1. your opinions wanted for a comic project

    ok, For christmas I'm getting a drawing tablet, so I've decided to have a go at making an online comic. It'll have no set cast, and consist of short, 3 or 4 panel strips. The humour is kinda odd, but I like it.

    What I really want your opinion on is the art. Here's a rough picture showing the basic methods. The lines will be thinner, smoother and more detailed, and the choice of textures will be better (building up a database now), but it gives a fairly good idea of what it'd look like.

    any thoughts or criticism?

    note: the picture is of Jeremy.

  2. It looks like Jeremy. could work as part of a style, I suppose. The effect would probably be similar to (false?)paper cut outs.

  3. Yeah, thats what I was thinking. I just didn't want to look like every other web comic out there, and my own drawing abilities aren't nearly good enough to draw it on paper. The art isn't my main priority though, I just want to be able to grab someones attention with it long enough for them to read my strip.

    thanks for the thoughts.

  4. The texture effect makes it look like a voodoo doll o_O
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  5. you need to work on the texture work because the ones you have now are from standard photoshop filters. Couple them up or something.

    But it could be interesting if the backgrounds are kept simple.
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  6. so, not a fan of the texturing?

    I suppose I could relearn how to color properly, though I can't get masks to behave properly in PSP8.


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