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Thread: GAMMA upgrade queries

  1. beta 7 upgrade queries

    Post any questions, problems, or general inquiries you may have regarding the vBulletin 3 beta 7 upgrade in here. I will try my best to answer them.

  2. Does it cause its users to suffer from black outs or makes them prone to violent behavior?

  3. Maybe. Their main outlet for complaining about todays games will be cut off for a couple hours, and that may lead to anger-induced fits of violence and amnesia.

  4. Turns out a new release got released today, so I'll hopefully be upgrading to that. To have a look-see at the default new style, head over to ... I say that is a mighty slick design.

  5. Oh yeah, there's also like 6 default styles now (3 unique schemas, each with a fixed width and variable width) so those should keep you company until the other themes get rewritten.

  6. two words: Total Ignore.

  7. Alright, the board is upgraded and it's all shiny and new! For the time being, the two styles will only be selectable (white and grey, both with widescreen childs), and right now the only hack installed is the Thread Descriptions hack.

    Off the bat, you'll notice some major differences over the last version. Of noteable mention is the Attachment Manager, located in your User CP. You can manage any attachments you have posted to the from from that central location. Also, you may take note of the totally different post html arrangement. I'll be adding a user switch soon so you can switch between top and the normal left-hand side view for that. And just about everything is collapsable now, with the icon. Nevertheless, feel free to post any comments you have about the new software in here and I'll try to answer them as best I can.


    Why does the code tag no longer have the BG color in it, and how do I fix it.

  9. I'll take a looksee at the tag.

    code is hardcoded into the software now, so that along with quote and et cetera can't really be changed now.

  10. looks nice. I'll be waiting for that option to switch the poster info to the left.

    Is there a way to unlock the width of the forum so it expands with the browser window? I'm using a high res display and the forum looks like a skinny stripe down the center of the screen.


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