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Thread: Wonderful Days

  1. WTF Wonderful Days

    Ok...go here..

    Download the trailer....cry for a while...then tell me ALL you know about this movie. Is it being released in the US? When? By Who?? Why has no one talked about this before?

    Imagine if square decided to make another move, all in glorious CG, except for the charachters in the movie, they are all drawn in the most amazing animation I have ever seen!!! Anyone have any info? Anyone?!!?!?!!

  2. that was amazing.
    don't worry about an american release. there's *no way* this'll stay in korea. everyone, download now.

  3. welcome to many moons ago, most of us here have seen the movie already. do a search on previous threads for reviews and stuff.

  4. The movie bombed... it pretty much sucked.

    It was nice to look at.

  5. damn, i've been out of the loop. oh well.

    *goes back to hoping molly star racer actually gets released*

    edit: click the link! it's super cool.

  6. holy shit... Molly Star Racer pwned my eyesight!!1 that was too cute, and too damn cool. for just a trailer, it was f'n fun as fuck! and it has eurobeat Ayu to make it that much better. nice little touch having the actual disc in the player.


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